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  • San Francisco, CA
    Feb 07, 09:06

    Imagine a young lady you can be yourself around

    Published by Dana

    Someone who is always happy to see you, accepts you for who you are, as you are... Imagine we are two long-lost lovers just running away from outside world and being transported into a magical atmosphere where a beautiful woman caters to your every desire!
    Do you want all of this?
    Then you know what to do...


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  • Nothing excites me more than passionate rendezvous

    Published by Elite

    Finding common ground and making genuine connections with others fills me with a certain indescribable ecstasy. Wherever we are, publicly or privately, you will have my full attention and affection-- you deserve it! I have fantastic mental and physical stamina to offer, and I am sensitive to the needs and desires of those that ask for my time. Any time spent with me will never be wasted. You will find yourself fulfilled, yet yearning for more.

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  • Last Update: Feb 13, 22:03
    Rent.Love: How would you rate your key competencies for this job?
    RoxyBlack: Excellent !
    10 Answers
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  • Last Update: Nov 28, 2017
    Rent.Love: What do you like to do in your free time?
    Rosaline: I'm busy thinkin bout boys.
    5 Answers
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  • Last Update: Dec 08, 2017
    Rent.Love: What have you learned from your mistakes in life?
    Carolina: Not to repeat them.
    14 Answers
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  • Last Update: Dec 08, 2017
    Rent.Love: How long you have been working, this job?
    Mia: I've been in and out of the business for the past 3 or so years. As I consider it more of a hobby I am not so sure..
    17 Answers
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