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  • Gents, Don’t Feed High End Escorts'’ Greed!

    Why do high end companions have a reputation for being greedy? And how do their clients feed the greed?

    High end companions inflate their worth

    Is any football / hockey player worth several thousands of currency per week? Are high end female companions, courtesans, mistresses worth thousands per hour? Human life is irreplaceable and time increases in value. But I still believe that the answer is no. Yet many men with more [corporate?] money than common sense don’t care about how much they throw at high end female companions as long as these men get what they desire.

    Good living, hankering for ever more excitement, and the need for ego massage happen on spontaneous impulses. And spontaneous impulses exclude thinking about consequences of actions done during them. If men comply with these women’s claims for high end gifts, that is precisely how men encourage those women’s greed. Is there any wonder why those women are so greedy? Or why men complain about how much high end companions charge?

    How do high end female companions claim the right to claim gifts

    in addition to the fees for their company? I’ve seen high end companions dedicate pages of their websites to gifts. And many even link to the websites that stock the gifts to make their purchases more convenient for their clients! How do they claim the right? Based on the fact that someone once gifted them and that created inspiration for them to claim gifts thereafter? Or based on the fact that they got away with it once or a few times and came to take it for granted instead of being eternally grateful every time? Perhaps based on a colleague of theirs having told them that she got away with it and advised that they tried it?

    Is it a marketing technique?

    Or do these greedy high end companions dedicate pages of their websites to claiming gifts as a marketing device to make their image and status look more credible? Even if that were true, these women’s disrespect for their clients won’t change no matter how we

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  • Deposit Is Not A Dirty Word*... (part one)

    *when due dilligence is done. (Try saying that 5 times fast 😂)

    In seriousness, this is a topic that comes up often when discussing bookings with a potential client. Depending on where in the world SP's and clients reside, deposits may be basically a given, to unheard of, or somewhere in between.

    This is a topic I have general awareness of what the situations in multiple countries are, but I'm most qualified to speak in detail on my specific situation - that is as an escort working in a mid-size city in ON, Canada.

    I will also concede that in terms of rates I am on the lower end of "mid-range" in my province, but that I am still in a relatively privileged position compared to some other escorts. And some escorts are well-positioned but simply don't wish to charge deposits (that's fine and valid too).

    This post is 100% not meant to shame anyone's rates or practices; and it is my hope by also participating in Sex Worker Activism it will be possible to raise the standards+safety for all sex workers, wherever they are on the spectrum of rates.

    But there are some very vocal (and seemingly very irate) client-focused communities on the internet who will insist that one should never pay a deposit; that any provider who requires a deposit is a scammer; that it should be "good enough" to show up with cash; that they should try to manipulate providers who require deposits into dropping the requirement and so forth.

    It is my assertion that this is not only reprehensible behaviour, but that individuals who claim they will never pay a deposit because they were scammed (or know someone who was) are indeed victims, but did not do their due dilligence in vetting an ad.

    I think it's terrible when a potential client is swindled for a deposit. This harms clients, as well as SP's when bad actors make it harder to obtain deposits.

    So in the next few entries, I'm going to cover the 5 W's of deposits, Doing Due Dilligence, and Safe+Responsible Deposit Sending.

    Stay Tuned!

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  • Last Update: Oct 03, 00:23
    Rent.Love: If you get to choose again, would you still choose this job?
    MissArtois: I absolutely would!- given the opportunity to go back in time but keep the lessons I've learned, I'd go, but I would do some things differently.

    I don't regret this choice of work, but early on I did not assert boundaries as strongly as I do now, and that is the biggest change I would make if I could do things over.
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    Rent.Love: How long you have been working, this job?
    Colieblondie: Few years actually
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    Rent.Love: Have you ever ‘fallen in love’ with a client?
    QueenLoveTongue: No
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  • Sep 29, 01:01
    Last Update: Sep 26, 07:03
    Rent.Love: Have you ever had difficulty getting others to accept your vision?
    badgrrlbrenda: I do not value outside influence, opinion or suggestion on/of/for my vision, I value results, thorough execution and achievement of that vision.
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