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  • Sep 18, 20:26
    Last Update: Sep 11, 00:10
    Rent.Love: What do you consider your most significant strength in life?
    Tennesseslut: Honesty
    19 Answers
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  • Today, 00:49
    Last Update: Sep 09, 06:59
    Rent.Love: What have you learned from your mistakes in life?
    Nayelii: A lot
    22 Answers
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  • Sep 07, 12:20
    Last Update: Sep 07, 11:53
    Rent.Love: What sign are you?
    NynaStax: Sagittarius/Capricorn cusp
    15 Answers
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  • Last Update: Sep 02, 06:59
    Rent.Love: What are your greatest professional strengths?
    companion: The why and why else pages of my official website reveal them. And there's no PROFESSIONAL in my life. Everything I do is deeply personal and I don't distinguish between professional and personal.
    22 Answers
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