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    When Men Who See EscorHave Unrealistic Expectation

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    One of the prevalent reasons why I send nine out of ten men who approach me elsewhere is that I quickly discover that our union would highly likely capsize because of their unrealistic expectations. Here are the most common unrealistic expectations that men have. I share them so that if you have them you can work them out before hiring your next companion or “escort”. [Yes, in today’s world these two words certainly have a different meaning. Hence escort is in inverted commas.].

    The 3 most common unrealistic expectations are:

    1. Companion, partner, or wife?

    If you’re looking for a partner or wife, don’t surf sites of companions or “escorts”. Albeit a life partnership with a companion or woman in other roles can develop in one in a million cases, it’s not realistic to expect that it will happen to you. Plus you’ll be wasting time, because you’ll be looking for the wrong things in the wrong places. If you go into a relationship with a companion with the mindset of looking for a partner / wife, your mindset and outlook will be incompatible from the start. And that will bring bad vibes between you and the woman. 99% of companions are in it for the money and you need to be realistic about that. Taking a second perspective will help. If you sold your time or body, would you welcome someone approaching you with the mindset of getting it for nothing?

    2. I can’t afford a whole night…

    So you’d normally see her for a few hours and tell her how much you’d like to spend a night with her. But you can’t afford the whole night? You’ll do better if you keep that fact to yourself. 1. it cheapens your image. Claiming poverty sounds unbelievable from a man who has money for seeing companions. 2. You’re making yourself sound unrealistic right away. Actions speak louder than words. And people are consistent in their actions. If you normally see her for a few hours, the likelihood that you’ll see her for a night is low. You’re not that extreme! So say what you mean. And say things th

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    A Tip for Guys Who Exercise

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    If you regularly exercise – especially in busy gyms – in 3 sets of 12, 15, or 20 exercises, you’ll be familiar with your brain going off course while the body is going through the sequence. Somewhere you suddenly realize that you’ve lost count and are in a quandary about whether you’re on the second or third set! How can you prevent this? How can you concentrate solidly?

    Easily! Make an exercise of your counts too.

    Reliably learn to count to 20 in 3 foreign languages that you don’t speak. 20 will cover the number of repetitions whether they be 12, 15, or 20. During your next exercise use language 1 for the first set, language 2 for the second set, and language 3 for the third set. You’ll see how sharp your brain will stay on counting! Counting in a foreign language will force the brain to concentrate on the counts. If you count in foreign languages that you speak, counting will be more automatic than counting in languages that you don’t speak.

    But regardless of how automatic the counting be, the brain will still be forced to concentrate on the counts. Hence you won’t go off course! And you may even find fun in seeing how quickly you can think of the next count word. And also whether you can master counting the sequence more smoothly the next time you count in this language… After all, it’s an exercise, right?:)

    And you can be even more creative.

    Learn the counts in 3 more foreign languages that you don’t speak. You’ll now have a stock of counts to 20 in 6 foreign lingos. Always vary the order of the languages. If you have only 3 languages in stock, you’ll be limited to only 3 variations. That will soon get automatic too. If you have 6, you have more choice to play with. Again, it’s an exercise, right?:) And in this case choice is better than no choice.

    Due to the limit of the number of characters in the body of the articles on this site I invite you to continue reading on

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    Respect = Do What You Say

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    Have you ever noticed that some people have your immediate respect while others do not? And have you observed that some people have great ideas but nothing happens with them? Do you know people who say they will do something but never do it? Do you say that you’ll do something while you have no intention of doing it? Or do you often say that you’ll do things out of politeness, but know that you never will do them?

    When we say that we’ll do something,

    we create an expectation in our listeners. If I tell you that I’ll call you at a certain time, I’m setting you up to expect my call. If I say that I’ll call and have no intention to call while saying it, I’m false or too cowardly to tell things straight. I mean well, of course – I want to be polite because I can’t bring myself to tell you that I don’t want to call you…

    But if I have no intention of calling, would I not be more polite and respectful if I didn’t say anything if I couldn’t bring myself to say that I wouldn’t call? If I tell you that I’ll call and don’t, I project the image that I’m not trustworthy. You cannot count on my word in future. I’m downgrading the weight of my word and placing myself in the crowd of sheeple who do the same thing. This may seem harsh, but if it describes your familiar habit, this article helps you to see its consequences. I used the example of calling you. Of course, this principle applies no matter what the action be.

    What can you do to gain respect?

    If you want to be credible and respected, only say that you will do something if you will really do it. Hold your breath and count to 10 before speaking out impulse-driven sentences that others will take as your word of commitment. Make this a rule and follow it. If you have to miss a deadline, communicate a new deadline as soon as possible. This will earn you a lot of respect and trust from everyone.

    Details and the big picture

    Successful people identify where to place the attention. People often get lost in the details when m

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    Gentlemen, Why Giving to Yourself Is Important

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    How are we redefining giving in our prosperous world? What’s making us rethink our forms of giving when we’re having it so good in life? And why do so many successful men leave giving to themselves till who knows when?

    Giving thanks

    Despite many affairs of the world going downhill and an economy that could be even better many people in many countries are thankful. Unexpected layoffs, financial setbacks, or a desire to spend more time with the near and dear have served as a reality check. A wakeup call for people to rethink their idea of wealth and prosperity. People focus more on satisfaction by the quality of life than on satisfaction by consumption. The big shift is in people questioning whether the ways in which they spend time bring them higher satisfaction than things that need to be done on autopilot. More money doesn’t necessarily lead to more happiness. So many people are getting off the hedonistic treadmill and looking for ways to realign with family and other values that matter to them.

    Different things to different people

    For some people that means starting a business that allows more flexibility even if it means less money. The learning is that money is here today gone tomorrow, but life experiences stay with us. I’ve seen friendships end because people’s coaches said “that’s not the right circle to be in”. Although many people have received similar advice focused on building wealth, they want none of it now. Albeit there will always be people who will focus on accumulating wealth, the focus of more and more people isn’t on pursuing financial wealth, but wealth of experiences.

    For others redefining wealth and prosperity may mean downshifting their careers. After almost losing their children and spouses many people trade their high-flying professional careers for simpler jobs. The most ambitious types admit that they’re happy with their decisions, but still sometimes struggle to maintain balance. Their personalities are very driven and to stop workin

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    Does It Pay to Be Honest With and About Money?

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    Does it pay to be honest with and about money? If it does, does it pay more than it would if one weren’t honest? Is it stupid to be honest in situations which give the option not to be honest with money? Will the last 2 paragraphs give you a valuable insight? What would you do in a situation like the one described here?

    One day

    I was depositing cash into an ATM. Nobody was around. I put the money in a depositing envelope, sealed the envelope, and held it ready for depositing. Then I inserted my card and waited for the prompt for a PIN. The prompt did not come and the ATM returned the card. The intuition instantly told me that something was strange, because the ATM was in service. The next question was why the ATM returned the card.

    When inserting the card I didn’t look past the card slot, because I needed to look at the slot. But then I looked down – and there was the answer. The cash dispensing slot was flashing. Then I noticed that it was open and had cash in it. I grabbed the cash and counted CAD$100 in 5 20-dollar bills. I folded the money and held it in my hand. The ATM returned to operation and I proceeded with the deposit.

    Should I be honest with the money?

    I pondered what to do with the 100 dollars. Take it and celebrate? But that wouldn’t be right – and what if someone would see and challenge me? Give it to the bank clerk at the pavilion to which the ATM was adjacent? He’d most probably thank me with a smile and put it in his pocket as soon as I’d get out of sight. Either way, this cash would never get to whoever forgot it there. Or what else? Was there another option?

    All this was going through my mind while I was depositing my money. When I finished depositing, I slowly turned around to leave. A woman who stood behind me proceeded to the ATM and started doing her banking. I observed her for a while, but it became clear that she wouldn’t be the one who had forgotten the money in the ATM slot. So I stood there and looked around for another while secre

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    A Tale of Two Cities: Toronto – London UK

    Posted by

    What are the differences between living in Toronto and London UK? How does a high end companion who has bases in Toronto and London UK compare life in them? If you’re travel curious, here’s a limited account. Reading this tale of two cities will be much lighter than Dickens!

    I divide my time equally between Toronto and London UK

    Nowadays I always add UK after London, because there’s a London about 2 hours’ drive from Toronto and more Londons elsewhere in the world. Hence adding UK to London prevents confusion. Since there’re also 4 Torontos in the USA and one Toronto in England, I should also be adding Canada after Toronto. Yet somehow people don’t seem to be as confused about Toronto as they are about London, so I add Canada after Toronto only when I feel that the situation calls for doing so. What’s better about life in Toronto than life in London UK? Many people ask me this question. There’s better and there’s worse in each country. So I reframe this common question to what’s different about living in Toronto from living in London UK.

    The first difference

    is condo living. If you live downtown anywhere in north America, you’re bound to live in a condo or in close proximity to those who live in condos. Condo [short for condominium] high-rise buildings remind somewhat of hotels with their long twisted corridors [that could at times do with convex mirrors to enable one to see round corners] and many doors with suite numbers. The hotel resemblance is complete with a lobby with a reception desk where a concierge [also called a security guard] oversees the comings and goings of visitors and variously assists the residents and staff of the building.

    The terms condo and apartment are not interchangeable as are the terms flat and apartment in the UK. The term flat is not used in Canada at all, while the term apartment in the Canadian sense denotes a suite in a building which does not have facilities such as a gym, swimming pool, sauna, steam room, jacuzzi or hot tub,

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    Money money money...

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    With each coin of money you spend you’re voting. Spending money is as much a political act as, or even more so than, casting your vote on an election day. Every time you buy a product or service you’re helping an individual or a corporation to stay in business. Your vote says that you want the product or service to exist in the world. So what implications does this have on your choice of spending your notes and coins on companions and other entertainment?

    Most of us decide for ourselves

    How do your expenditures reflect your values? Do you choose to contribute to causes that are important to you? Do you buy products or services that are well designed or done even if they’re more expensive t

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    Men and Time

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    Every minute of your time on this planet you‘re making choices. Think of the options of saying yes or no to (s)exercise. By saying yes to one activity you’re saying no to a million others. Yet many men make choices with their time that prove wasteful. But unfortunately these men don’t see that it is the wastefulness that often frustrates them. How can any man start using time more wisely?

    Limited for all of us

    We have 24 hours in a day, 168 hours in a week, 8,760 hours in a year. If you were to live to a 100, you’d live 876,000 hours from the moment of birth to the moment of death. That is not even a million hours in a lifetime. You’d have to live to 114 to clock up a million hours on this

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    3 Critical Mistakes That Men Make When Selecting a

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    What are the most frequent critical mistakes that men can avoid when selecting a companion?

    1. Men don’t care who they go with

    Impatience, desperation, frustration, exhaustion, resignation, long-term suppression of pleasure, influence of substances, or various combinations thereof can drive this one. Hence when the urges hit, these men want a companion or “entertainer” immediately. So they dial several numbers and wait who responds… The danger of this approach is that men will end up selecting an unsuitable companion or “entertainer” who will care about her interest and treat them accordingly…. A vicious circle hence begins: men pay high amounts for awkward fake(d) “pleasure”. Then they ge

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    19 Ways Men Can Improve Their Intimate Life

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    If men need to improve their intimate life, it’s clear feedback reflecting something they’ve been doing to this moment. The quality of a man’s intimate life won’t improve unless he acts to improve it. Placing the responsibility of improving it on others won’t get any man anywhere either. So no excuse – one has to work to reap rewards. Here’re 19 ways to do so. Your doctor won’t tell you them and they don’t cost anything. So try them – you’ll lose nothing and gain plenty!

    1. If you are feeling miserably or depressed,

    check your eye line. Where are you looking? If you’re looking down which is where your feelings are, hold your head level and raise your eyes to the sky. Things will be looking

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    Why Massage Is Far More Rewarding Than Artificial

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    Most men who respond to massage ads still think and hope that they respond to ads for sex. Unfortunately in 95% of cases it is so, which makes the work of a genuine masseuse harder. Many men think that artificial sex with strangers is more rewarding than well done massage because those men don’t appreciate the importance and benefits of real massage. This may be due to social conditioning and the impact of the euphemism for unrelated activities that the word massage has unfortunately become. So here are the tremendous benefits and unassuming, understated, powerful intimacy of the beautiful art of massage.

    Massage is one of the most powerful forms

    of physical contact in the context of intim

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    Fancy a Massage? How Do You Know Which Massage to

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    When you fancy a relaxing massage, how do you know which massage to pick before you start researching massage ads?

    Swedish massage

    is the invention of the Swede Pir Henrik Ling. He used his knowledge of physiology to develop a system of treatment that combines massage with physical exercise. This became Swedish massage. Its aim is to restore good health by careful manipulation of muscles and joints.

    Manual lymphatic drainage [MLD]

    is the legacy of the Danish therapist Dr. Emil Vodder and his wife Estrid since the 1930s. They discovered that gently palpating and moving the skin certainly stimulated the lymphatic system and improved congestive conditions. Hence they developed a system of t

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